Jon Hamm Explains His Bonnaroo Gummi Bear Trick To Jimmy Kimmel

Now that Mad Men is over, Jon Hamm is free to be an incredibly handsome and charming man-about-town. He and Zach Galifianakis just had a fun weekend at Bonnaroo, and highlights included Hamm giving his all-access pass to a Chattanooga waitress and Hamm chucking Gummi Bears into Belle And Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch’s mouth onstage. Last night, Hamm was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he explained that the Gummi Bear thing was mostly just a result of Hamm and Galifianakis doing dumb shit when they were bored on the set of a forthcoming movie. Hamm does, turn out to be awfully good at it. This being a late-night comedy talk show, it naturally devolved into Hamm throwing Gummi Bears into Kimmel’s mouth, and you will find video evidence below.

Meanwhile, off in some imaginary universe, Don Draper shakes his head in manly embarrassment.