Watch Desaparecidos Kick Out “City On The Hill” On Seth Meyers

Desaparecidos, Conor Oberst’s leftist punk band, just released Payola, their second album overall but their first in 13 years. It absolutely rules. And while it doesn’t seem that weird to see Oberst on late-night TV, it does seem slightly weird to see this version of Oberst, with the tangled hair in his face and the “Eat The Rich” shirt and the anguished post-hardcore yowl, on late-night TV. But it’s happening. Last night, Desaparecidos were musical guests on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and they bashed out the album’s rousing single “City On The Hill.” As good as the album is, it has nothing on the controlled chaos of the band’s live show, and we get a taste of that in the performance. Check it out below.

Payola is out now on Epitaph. ‘Sup, darker-haired Amy Poehler?