Courtney Love Attacked By French Uber Protesters

Uber has come to Paris, and Parisian cabdrivers are not at all happy about it. As NPR reports, thousands of cabdrivers protested in Paris earlier today. They’re angry that Uber drivers have unfair advantages; they don’t have to buy expensive taxi licenses, and they aren’t subject to the same regulations and inspections. So they did the only natural thing: Blocking streets and overturning cars. Through sheer bad luck, Courtney Love happened to be in the middle of the fracas, and she kept the world updated on what was happening to her with a running stream of Tweets and Instagrams. After rioters attacked her car and, per Love, held the driver hostage. When she got into another car, rioters attempted to get the doors opened, she made it out safely after paying a few motorcyclists to give her a ride. She also implied that Kanye West was hiding out at the Paris airport. Here’s her account of it all below.

It takes a lot to freak out someone who has been through all the things that Love has. Congrats, Paris cabdrivers. You did it.