Watch Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt Sing New Songs For Lola The Dog

The Magnetic Fields mastermind and notably witty curmudgeon Stephin Merritt apparently loves Scrabble. This makes total sense. In fact, he loves Scrabble so much that he wrote and published a book of 101 short poems inspired by each of the crucial 101 two-letter words that Scrabble officially recognizes. 101 Two-Letter Words came out last year, and arts journal Interfictions recently commissioned Merritt to compose two original short songs based on two of those poems. He chose the words “lo” and “la” in honor of Interfictions’ Arts Editor Henry Lien’s rat terrier Lola. Here’s what Interfictions says about the two songs:

The micro-songs function as a commentary on the culture of micro-interactions that dominate early 21st century life: the unbundling of albums into $0.99 micro-purchases; six second micro-movies that bring vast but fleeting micro-fame; the reduction of the epistolary tradition to 140 character micro-blogs; and dating sites where you swipe left or right on a sole picture that constitutes a potential partner’s micro-profile.

Watch Merritt perform “Lo” and “La” with Sam Davol on cello below. Lola the dog is there too, just chilling.

(via Pitchfork)