MSG Served Meat In Corporate Suites At Meat-Free Morrissey Show

Morrissey made a big deal about Madison Square Garden going vegan for his show over the weekend, but it turns out the arena wasn’t completely meat-free. According to a Gothamist tipster, corporate suites were serving meat products. Photos from the concert show a sushi platter, meatball sliders, brisket sandwiches, and chicken fingers being served the night of the show. “Friends on the main floor ate vegan hot dogs,” attendee Jessica Pearson wrote. “Thought you would find it amusing — though I’m sure Mr. Morrissey will not.”

Morrissey Meatballs
There’s the beef!

It’s unclear whether this was an oversight on the part of the venue, or if it was the plan all along. Morrissey’s wording in the original announcement leaves the option open for both:

Madison Square Garden has agreed to sell no meat or dairy on the day of the Morrissey show.

The food in the corporate suites technically wouldn’t have been on sale, which means that they may have been in the right when serving it. But it’s clear that the MSG kitchens were cooking up meat on the night of the show.

UPDATE: Madison Square Garden has provided the following statement:

We changed the menu in the public areas for the show on Saturday night and didn’t make the same changes in the private areas. This was an oversight and will be fixed the next time.

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