Watch Chris Martin Play A Surprise Acoustic Set At A Bar In India

Perhaps because his Game Of Thrones musical didn’t work out, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin appears to be walking the earth like Kane in Kung Fu, playing impromptu acoustic sets just wherever. Martin is apparently in India right now, and he recently stopped by a small bar in Delhi to play a quick set for whoever happened to be there. The crowd was both very excited to hear this song and very quick to film it on cell phones. This was apparently a fully spur-of-the-moment performance; Martin was out at dinner with friends and decided he just wanted to play somewhere. Also, Buzzfeed India reports that Frieda Pinto was there, so go ahead and start making up rumors.

Here's Coldplay's Chris Martin performing "Viva La Vida" at Delhi's Summer House Cafe earlier tonight!(Shout-out to the reader who sent this in!)More on this his surprise performance (and its star-studded audience) here:

Posted by BuzzFeed India on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Here's Chris Martin singing "Fix You" at the Summer House Cafe in Delhi last night. (And yes, thats Vishal Dadlani bro-hugging him at the end and The Raghu Dixit Project taking photos in the back. WHAT KIND OF NIGHT WAS THIS. More here:

Posted by BuzzFeed India on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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No “Clocks.” Boo.