Blank Realm – “River Of Longing”

Blank Realm – “River Of Longing”

Known for their bluesy punk with psychedelic touches, Blank Realm know how to perfectly blend many layers of rock. Following last year’s acclaimed Grassed Inn, the Australian quartet is back with their forthcoming release Illegals In Heaven, a personal and life-reflecting album. So far they’ve given us a peak with “River Of Longing,” the catchy first single that grabs you at the melody and keeps you lingering on the chiming guitars and dreamy reverb. The exuberant track is the perfect summer release to blast. Listen below.

Illegals In Heaven tracklist:

01 “No Views”
02 “River of Longing”
03 “Cruel Night”
04 “Costume Drama”
05 “Dream Date”
06 “Flowers In Mind”
07 “Gold”
08 “Palace of Love”
09 “Too Late Now”

Illegals In Heaven is out 9/4 via Fire Records and you can preorder it here.

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