Tink – “Million” Video

Tink has been a little shaky this year between the tepid, preachy flop of “Ratchet Commandments,” and Timbaland’s endless obsession with making her into Aaliyah. She’s so far from that archetype that this doesn’t even make sense as a strategy — but I digress. “Million” is part of a move back toward the slinky minimalism of her best mixtape Winter’s Diary 2. I still wish this one had a stronger hook, but the song feels really cohesive, and not cobbled together like some of her other recent stuff. To her credit, Tink can switch between a diva croon and a fiercely spit verse with no effort at all. As far as the video, I love the completely at odds looks she switches between throughout. My favorite is the white bejeweled bodysuit — it’s very Beyonce. Watch the video below.

ThinkTink will be out later this year via Mosley Music/Epic Records.

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