The New Weeknd Album Has Kanye West And Ed Sheeran, Says Ed Sheeran

In a new interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 Radio, Ed Sheeran tells Lowe he is one of two features on the new Weeknd album. According to Sheeran, he was in Toronto and ended up at a party at Abel Tesfaye’s house. The two hit it off and the Weeknd drunkenly suggested they write a song together. Sheeran was skeptical — as is everyone reading this post — but the next day, Tesfaye hit him up again and the two did in fact write a song together. Sheeran notes that the only other feature on the Weeknd’s new album is Kanye West (unless you count Max Martin’s production as a voice of its own, of course), so Sheeran’s inclusion is surprising. He then goes on to read further texts from the Weeknd singer as proof of their friendship. Listen below starting right around 3:40, and keep going if you want to hear Sheeran discuss partying with David Guetta, his Irish cousin, and Mackelmore. Keep listening after that to hear Sheeran explain how his “hymen has grown back.” Hmmmm.

The Weeknd’s new album hasn’t officially been announced yet, but it’s bound to be coming soon.