Worriers – “Yes All Cops” (Stereogum Premiere)

Worriers – “Yes All Cops” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Yes All Cops” is a protest song designed to combat complacency. Worriers use the rhetoric of apologists (“Not all cops are bad”) and flip it, suggesting that anyone in a position of power deserves to be carefully scrutinized, that remaining silent in the face of oppression is often more damaging than taking a risk and speaking out against it. “Sometimes silence is a loaded gun, in the hands of all of us.” The punk activists hail from New York, a city whose police force has undergone a barrage of criticism over the course of the past year in conjunction with Black Lives Matter protests that swept the country. But the sentiment behind “Yes All Cops” extends way beyond race, and Worriers’ message at its core is simple: Watch a stranger’s back as closely as you watch your own, and keep in mind that cops aren’t always offering up the “Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect” that their motto claims to uphold. The band will release their forthcoming Laura Jane Grace-produced full-length, Imaginary Life, in August, and we already heard the first two singles “They/Them/Theirs” and “Plans.” “Yes All Cops” is more of a call-to-action than the first two; listen below.

Imaginary Life 8/7 via Don Giovanni Records.

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