A$AP Rocky Admits His Rita Ora Line Was Tasteless

A$AP Rocky is finally sorry. After months of defending his random, misogynistic blow-job potshot at Rita Ora, Rocky told The Guardian that he regrets airing her out on At.Long.Last.A$AP track “Better Things.” Here’s a refresher on those lines: “I swear that bitch Rita Ora got a big mouth / Next time I see her might curse the bitch out / Kicked the bitch out once cause she bitched out, spit my kids out / Jizzed up all in her mouth and made the bitch bounce.” Supposedly, Ora had gone public about a hook-up between her and Rocky, but his random aggression struck a chord of dissent.

Now, he’s somewhat backtracked, after initially denying any shame:

The Rita thing was tasteless of me. [But] I’ve got to stand by it, because I did it. I said it. Who gives a fuck about who I’m fucking? Nobody really cares. It’s fun to hear, but who really gives a fuck about who Rita Ora’s fucking?

I don’t think anyone’s issue was with Rita and Rocky’s sex life — they seem like they’d be a cute couple, honestly — but with the misogynistic way he portrayed the actions. Note: Admitting what you did was tasteless and wrong is always an option as well! You really, really don’t have to stand by every stupid thing you’ve ever done or said.