SiR – “Right By You”

Inglewood singer-songwriter SiR is one of L.A.’s latest indie R&B acts and is set to emerge on the scene with his debut Seven Sundays later this month. “Right By You” is his second personal and relatable heartbreak single produced by J. LBS, who has worked with R. Kelly, Jhené Aiko, Big KRIT, and more. It features slow beats of percussion, keyboard and spacey snippets. SiR sings with a seductive soft voice as he puts his heart on the line to be “picked apart” by his new love, as he anticipates relationship turmoil. He knows he will be used and hurt, but he pleas for the pain resulting in an almost self-masochist demand. It’s a familiar and vicious cycle — he’ll follow her whichever way she leads and promises to do right by her, regardless. Listen below.

Seven Sundays tracklist:
01 “Love You”
02 “In The Sky” (feat. Fat Ron)
03 “You Ain’t Ready” (feat. D Smoke)
04 “The Real”
05 “Right By You”
06 “JAY Z”
07 “NBN”
08 “Liberation” (feat. Anderson .Paak)
09 “Falling”
10 “Can We Still”
11 “The Perfect Remedy”
12 “Crashing Down”
13 “The Bullet And The Gun”
14 “He Deserves Your Love”

Seven Sundays is out 7/31 via Fresh Selects.

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