Comfy – “Neck Hz” (Stereogum Premiere)

Comfy – “Neck Hz” (Stereogum Premiere)

Go to a show, dance your ass off, come home, fall asleep. Wake up the next morning and don’t know what to do with yourself — any sense of ecstasy from the night before has washed away. Look around the room, your eyes are crusty, chug a water bottle, nothing’s any better. The morning blues start to set in: What am I doing with my life? Just a few hours ago, I was so happy and now everything feels like shit. Why is it that those two feelings bleed into and complement each other so easily? That’s the gist of what Comfy are going through on “Neck Hz” — it’s just a wonder they manage to sound so happy. The Utica band is fronted by Connor Benincasa, and his sardonic voice serves as the soundtrack for the morning-after comedown: “Today I feel like a fucking bum/ Today I feel like a worthless punk.” The memories from the night before are still there, but they may as well have been a dream because there are more practical matters to address: “Gotta cut my stupid hair and clean my filthy bedroom.” Jangly pop and calls for more guitar back the existential dread, a palette cleanser for all the intense self-loathing. Listen below.

“Neck Hz” will appear on an upcoming split EP with Rochester band Skirts, which is out 8/7 via Miscreant Records/Dadstache Records. Preorder it here.

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