Chinah – “Away From Me”

“You keep me awake, that’s where I want to be,” coos Chinah’s singer, who goes by Fine. That line is our opening introduction to the bedroom pop trio from Nørrebro, Copenhagen, a late-night sentiment that infiltrates their debut single “Away From Me.” This is precious, passion-driven synth-R&B of the finest order, a song steeped in longing and loss of control. Even if Fine’s voice wasn’t downy, velvet, silken, the production duo behind her expertly weaves through a swamp of synth, clatter, and bass. The lyrics sketch a half-finished narrative: Childhood gift? What happened over the winter? What went wrong here? Will it all unravel? In direct contradiction of the title, this one will have you coming back over and over. Listen below.

(via Fader)

Chinah’s five-song EP will be out later this year.

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