Girls Names – “A Hunger Artist”

Girls Names – “A Hunger Artist”

This past spring, Irish post-punk band Girls Names released the 11-minute psych-rock 12″ “Zero Triptych,” and just last month they shared “Reticence,” the first single from their third full-length album that’s due this fall. Now we get another taste of the record with the quartet’s latest reverb- and static-filled track “A Hunger Artist.” The nearly six-minute song dances on Girls Names’ noted line of echoing guitar surf-rock and dark New Wave inspired synths and vocals. The last two minutes of the song blend the two components together with a whirling instrumental outro, featuring an upbeat keyboard verse that drives behind lingering lo-fi guitar and fuzzy ominous effects. Listen below.

(Via Spin)

Arms Around A Vision is out 10/11 via Tough Love.

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