Black Rebel Digital Rights Management Club

The latest Black Rebel Motorcyle Club album, Howl, really took me by surprise. I’d heard their earlier stuff and wasn’t that into it, but this album is pretty nice. It sounds like U2 playing in the style of Led Zepplin by way of The Black Crowes.

But I can’t listen to it on my computer at work. Or my iPod. It’s not recommended that I use my DVD player, which replaced my old school 5-disc CD changer because of its superior laser technology. Printed on the CD itself:

This CD is protected against unathorized copying. It is designed to play in standard audio CD players. It is not designed to play in computers. Playback problems may also be experienced with car systems, DVD players, and game consoles.

I did some digging, and was directed to this site that details DRM work-arounds for albums such as this one, but still could not get this album to rip into iTunes.

It’s such a pain in the ass. I am definitely going to listen to this album less often (as in never) because of this, since I rely almost exclusively on the prohibited technologies listed above. It’s a shame, really … I was all set for BRMC to be my Coldplay.

Anyone else have any luck with this? Other CDs to watch out for?