Albert Hammond Jr. – “Born Slippy” Video

Last night I was talking with a friend who is effusive about Albert Hammond Jr.’s forthcoming solo album Momentary Masters. His enthusiasm was infectious, and honestly, early live performances at Primavera Sound of Hammond Jr.’s new songs seemed more appealing to me than anything on Comedown Machine. “Born Slippy” felt like an instant favorite for me, a song that oozes through our primordial beginnings and the ephemeral nature of human life over looped, bubbling guitar funk. The accompanying video by Hammond’s wife, Justyna, flicks through images of nature, light, and movement that seem specifically focused on how transitory life is. One more note, “born slippy” sounds so much better and evocative than “born slippery” would’ve — Hammond Jr.’s sly, Underworld-influenced tribute to our language’s own evasive slipperiness. Watch below.

Momentary Masters is out 7/31 via Vagrant.