together PANGEA – “No Oz”

Together PANGEA and Audacity are buds. Both bands hail from California, and now they’ve put out a split 7″ together, the b-side being “No Oz” from noise rockers together PANGEA. The track relies on a heavy bass line through-and-through, and William Keegan’s squeaking vocals at times sound like they couldn’t possibly come out of a human. Together PANGEA fit perfectly into the same West Coast DGAF brand of rock as Wavves and FIDLAR, and “No Oz” fits into this mold with the lyrics “I want to waste my time/I want to waste my mind.” Throw your cares out the window and listen.

(via Noisey)

“I’m Not Like You” b/w “No Oz” is out now on WINK and SPIT Records.