Now Police Are Investigating The Ariana Grande Donut Incident

FINAL (?) UPDATE: TMZ has found out that Ariana Grande will not be charged with criminal mischief in #DonutGate, so says the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. The donut shop was not interested in pressing charges, though they did score a B on a health inspection that was spurred by the event. Thus ends one of the most ridiculous pop culture stories of the year so far.

Ariana Grande was caught on tape licking some donuts — and not even buying them! — with her boyfriend Ricky Alvarez at the Wolfee Donuts shop in Lake Elsinore, California last Saturday. Earlier today, Grande made headlines when she was forced to issue an apology for saying “I hate America” while eyeing a plateful of donuts in the surveillance video, but she made no apologies for her treatment of the poor donuts, and it seemed like she had gotten away scot-free. But no! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lake Elsinore police and Riverside County public health officials are currently investigating the incident. The exact phrase they used to describe what Grande did to the donuts is “maliciously lick,” which is just priceless. In addition, Mayra Solis, a cashier on duty at Wolfee Donuts when Grande went into the store, told the Associated Press that Grande “was really rude.” When asked about the police investigation, Grande’s representatives said that she would have no further comment.