All Dogs – “That Kind Of Girl”

We are our own worst critics. No one can make us feel as bad as we can make ourselves feel. A tossed-off comment or words telephoned from a friend of a friend of an ex are enough to send us spiraling down, questioning our own self-worth. On All Dogs’ new track “That Kind Of Girl,” Maryn Jones takes one such comment and lets it rattle around in her head. “And I know that I am always fucking up your world — ‘You are better off not messing with that kind of girl,”” she quotes. “What does that mean when they say/ Stay away from me?” she screams right after. Jones is nothing but well-wishing to the other party — “If you’re wanting something else, then I hope you find it” — but she can’t help but express her fury at the injustice of being summarily painted with just a few vague words. These kind of things have a way of sticking with you, the way a fly gets trapped in a spiderweb. “I am underneath the water, kicking every day.” That last phrase serves as the title of the Columbus band’s upcoming debut album, an accurate portrait of how the day-to-day can be such a struggle, even suffocating at times. All Dogs get that frustration out through their music, which sounds pent-up but also feels like a release. Listen below.

01 “Black Hole”
02 “How Long”
03 “Sunday Morning”
04 “That Kind Of Girl”
05 “Your Mistakes”
06 “Flowers”
07 “Leading Me Back To You”
08 “Ophelia”
09 “Skin”
10 “The Garden”

Kicking Every Day is out 8/28 via Salinas Records. Read our Band To Watch on All Dogs, or check out our Q&A with Jones about her solo project, Yowler.

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