KAEB – “There’s No One” (Feat. JonWayne) Video

BEAK> is the krautrock-inspired side-project trio led by Portishead production mastermind Geoff Barrow, and they’ve got a weird new record coming out: A split EP that they recorded with themselves. The EP includes two new BEAK> songs and two more recorded under the name KAEB. And they’ve made videos for all four songs; we’ve already seen KAEB’s “When We Fall” clip and BEAK>’s video for “The Meader.” The other track recorded under the KAEB name is “There’s No One,” a stretched-out six-minute zone-out that the band made with the Californian backpack-rapper and producer Jonwayne. The song’s video captures the trio and Jonwayne recording the song live in the Boiler Room studio. Check it out below.

The BEAK KAEB split EP is out 7/31 on Barrow’s own Invada Records.