Birdman Allegedly Threw A Drink At Lil Wayne Mid-Performance Last Night

Birdman Allegedly Threw A Drink At Lil Wayne Mid-Performance Last Night

The feud between Lil Wayne and Birdman has apparently reached the throwing-shit-at-each-other stage. The two were once one of the great partnerships in rap, but Wayne has been on the outs with his former label boss since late last year, when he told the world that Cash Money Records had kept his album Tha Carter V on the shelf and that he wanted off the label. Wayne has just made his first post-Cash Money move — his FWA album came out as a Tidal exclusive last week — but that doesn’t mean he can perform at a Miami club without being doused with thrown liquor.

As Complex reports, Wayne and Birdman were both at Miami’s Club LIV last night for Jim Jones’ birthday party. As Wayne was performing, Birdman watched from the balcony next to the stage. And according to various witnesses, Birdman and/or his associates pelted Wayne with drinks and water bottles. Apparently, the fracas caused the club to shut down early. Here’s a powerfully cinematic Instagram video that seems to capture the immediate aftermath of Birdman throwing a drink at Wayne:

Birdman just threw a cup of liquor on Wayne from upstairs tho😂😂😂😂😂😂 looked at his ass like I dare you say something

A video posted by 3ohBlackbookings@Gmail.Com (@3ohblack) on

Someone should sit these two down and force them to watch the “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” video.

UPDATE: TMZ has posted a more extensive video of the fracas, which is pretty blurry and chaotic. It shows liquid pretty much just splashing everywhere, possibly soaking Birdman as well as Wayne. And it also gives us a few seconds of Jim Jones’ “Pop Champagne” over the club PA. Hey, remember “Pop Champagne”? That was a pretty good song! That video is also below.

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