Emma Stone Is Starring In Will Butler’s “Anna” Video

When Will Butler released “Anna,” the second single off of this year’s Policy, the track premiered alongside an inventive video of Butler performing under superimposed hand-drawn effects. It’s a song that lends itself well to visual interpretation, so it isn’t totally out-of-line for Butler to release a totally new video for it. Emma Stone will star in the forthcoming Brantley Gutierrez-directed video, which was shot a few days ago in Long Beach and takes place on the 1936 ocean liner RMS Queen Mary. Stone and Butler both seem like genuinely goofy, fun-loving people, which makes their artistic pairing a good match. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are big Arcade Fire fans, and Garfield starred in the video for Reflektor’s “We Exist,” which came out last year. No word yet on when the new “Anna” video will premiere; read more here.