ON AN ON – “Behind The Gun”

Minneapolis synthpop trio ON AN ON rose, phoenix-like, from the ashes of its members’ former band, Scattered Trees. They’re releasing their sophomore LP And The Wave Has Two Sides next week, and we’ve heard a few tracks already — “Drifting,” “It’s Not Over,” and “Icon Love” — and now they’ve shared a new one. “Behind The Gun” is a hushed, melancholic pulse of a song, occasionally punctuated by distant fragments of guitar that glisten like tears. “I’ll be the one to come undone,” frontman Nate Eiesland laments softly. As Eiesland told Consequence Of Sound:

One of the themes in “Behind The Gun” is how disconnected I feel from my body sometimes. Often I get to this schizophrenic place where I’m observing what’s happening more than I’m actually living in the moment. It’s always been that way for me, and nowadays I’m pretty sure that’s the norm for a lot of people. That perspective does serve me as a writer, but every now and then I’ll start thinking about being aware of being aware of awareness itself or something, and my mind starts feeling the gravity of my body get weaker. I start losing my grip and It’s like I’m spinning away from myself somehow. I wanted “Behind The Gun” to communicate some of what that feels like. Since it’s the first track on the album it gives the listener a context for the rest of the songs. It’s an emotional bookend of sorts.


And The Wave Has Two Sides is out 7/24 via Roll Call Records.

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