Watch Best Coast Perform, A$AP Rocky Do Carpool Karaoke With Rod Stewart On James Corden

To date, the best innovation that James Corden’s Late Late Show has come up with is probably Carpool Karaoke, in which Corden and a famous guest drive around while singing along with songs on the radio. The latest guest is Rod Stewart, a generally charming presence who has a pretty goddam amazing voice when he’s singing along with this stuff. During Corden’s 10-minute van voyage with Stewart, a special guest sprung into the backseat out of nowhere: A$AP Rocky, whose recent single “Everyday” samples Stewart. For that portion of the trip, Stewart looked faintly embarrassed, though it was worth it to hear him call Rocky a “lovely bloke.” It probably would’ve made for a better video if Rocky had stuck around for the rest of the trip and tried to sing along with “Maggie Mae,” but we can’t always get what we want. The show also had a proper musical guest: Best Coast, who shimmered their way through their single “Feeling Ok.” Below, watch the Rod Stewart karaoke video and the Best Coast performance.

Also, Bethany Cosentino did this:


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Rocky’s At.Long.Last.A$AP is out now on A$AP Worldwide/RCA. Best Coast’s California Nights is out now on Harvest.