Watch A Young Thom Yorke Play Experimental Music In College

Earlier this week, we saw footage of a very young Thom Yorke playing “High And Dry” with Headless Chickens, the band he fronted before Radiohead. Well, the vintage-Yorke-on-film well is even deeper than that. And now, via Reddit again, we get to see him along with some Exeter University classmates playing a “contemporary classical concert” circa 1990. The 22-minute experimental piece seems to be largely improvised, and it has Yorke sitting next to his Headless Chickens bandmate Simon Shackleton, the two of them making weird synth noises. Around the 14:50 mark, you can also hear what sounds like Yorke wordlessly ululating. Check it out below.

I think we may have finally discovered a Thom Yorke haircut worse than his recent-vintage ponytail.

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