Emilie & Ogden – “Ten Thousand” (Stereogum Premiere)

Emilie & Ogden – “Ten Thousand” (Stereogum Premiere)

Joanna Newsom isn’t the only badass harp-wielding lady in the business anymore. Welcome Emilie & Ogden — Emilie being singer, songwriter, and harp player Emilie Kahn, Ogden being her trusty harp. Kahn’s debut record, 10,000, is due out this fall and features the mesmerizing title track “Ten Thousand.” Read Kahn’s vision behind the song:

This song is about fear of never fulfilling one’s potential and heartache over that; harmonically simple chords and melody that felt poignant to me and effectively express a sort of sad longing for all the things that may or may not be. The album as a whole is a reconciliation of those feelings.

Kahn’s angelic voice works as well as any instrument could, and her intricate harp work proves that she doesn’t exist as a reincarnation of Newsom, but a newer, more modern variety. Listen.

10,000 is out 10/2 on Secret City Records.

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