Camera Shy – “New Something” (Stereogum Premiere)

The music and the album art of Camera Shy have something in common: They’re both innocent in nature. The cover of the Oakland band’s debut LP features a girl no more than six years old in a plaid dress smiling next to a cake, presumably on her birthday. Track five off of the record, “New Something,” feels similar to running through a field of unkept grass, eyes squinting toward the sun. The twee sound and feeling are surprising given that Nick Bassett and Lexy Morte, the two musicians who comprise Camera Shy, are affiliated with Bay Area shoegaze outfit Whirr and Philadelphia heavy hitters Nothing. That childlike aesthetic extends to the “New Something” video, a compendium of old cartoon footage. Watch it below.

Camera Shy is out tomorrow, 7/17, on Run For Cover.

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