Future – “Where Ya At” (Feat. Drake)

Future – “Where Ya At” (Feat. Drake)

Future’s new album DS2 comes out tomorrow, and as someone who hasn’t gotten a promo copy yet, I am climbing the walls with anticipation. Other than the single “Blow A Bag” and a couple of tracks that were already on mixtapes, Future hasn’t let any of the album’s songs out into the world. But now that the song is out on iTunes in a few countries, the internet is on it. There’s only one guest on the whole album, but it’s a good one: Future’s current tourmate Drake, who shows up on “Where Ya At.” The track turns out to be a drunk, dizzy banger, one that makes great use of these two dudes’ awesomely oblique sense of melody. Listen below.

(via Miss Info)

DS2 is out at midnight on Epic.

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