Watch Dude Who Sugar-Bombed Adam Levine Try And Fail To Mess With Danzig

Glenn Danzig is the wrong man to prank. The punk and metal legend may be old and crazy, but he is still super-jacked, and he does not like getting his picture taken. Danzig has an extremely strict no-photos policy at his shows, and he had to be physically restrained from fighting a photographer at Bonnaroo a few years ago. As TMZ reports, Navid Farsi is someone who goes around pranking celebrities; he threw sugar at Adam Levine outside the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio earlier this year. At a recent California show, Farsi made his way to the front row at a Danzig show and started snapping pictures with his phone. Danzig grabbed the phone away and threw it off the stage. Later, Farsi tried to bring a camera onto Danzig’s bus. It’s hard to make out what happens, exactly, but Danzig reportedly grabbed Farsi in a headlock. In the video, you can hear him saying, “He’s being an asshole! Grab his camera!” Watch photographic evidence of Danzig’s intense anti-photograph feelings below.

Am I crazy, or does this whole thing scream “publicity stunt”? Like, why was TMZ at a random Danzig show?

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