Watch The Runaways’ Jackie Fox Discuss Kim Fowley Rape Story On Crime Time

Last week, Jackie Fox (née Fuchs) came forward after many years to share her account of being raped by ’70s teen girl group Runaways’ manager/mastermind Kim Fowley. Fox was a founding member and bassist in the band for several years, before the rape and its complications drover her to leave the group. The Huffington Post published an extensively reported piece that documented Fox’s public rape in a motel room after one of the band’s shows. Conflicting stories and memories place other Runaways members Kari Krome, Joan Jett, and Cherie Currie in the room — which has led to some controversial responses from Jett and Currie especially — but this is the first time Fuchs has spoken publicly since the article was published.

Fuchs appeared on the show Crime Time along with criminal lawyer Mike Cavalluzzi, whom Fuchs contacted last December when she first began to consider coming forward. She gives a verbal account of her memories of the night and briefly touches on the interpretations of the events by her former bandmates. She continues to maintain an astounding grace toward those who are denying her experience. Many other aspects of their conversation are equally overwhelming, especially for victims, so please watch with care. NPR’s Ann Powers wrote an in-depth exploration of rock ‘n’ roll’s track record of exploiting teenagers for their sex appeal, which is my suggested companion piece for those who are following the story. You can read that here and watch the interview below.