Lower Dens – “Sucker’s Shangri-La” Video

The great Baltimore dream-rockers Lower Dens released their Escape From Evil album earlier this year, and they’ve just made their second video for a song from the album. Their new “Sucker’s Shangri-La” clip follows the “To Die In L.A.” video, and it shows a man meditatively singing the song in a dimly lit Chinese karaoke bar. In the grainy karaoke video, we see bandleader Jana Hunter singing it, too. Below, watch the video and read some words about it from director Zachary Treitz.

Treitz says:

The karaoke bars in my neighborhood have these filler videos as a background for the American pop songs. Most of them seem like they’re made in less than a day, start to finish, and they follow a basic formula, even though they’re unique to each song: girl, cars, body of water, shots of architecture. We made our own one with Jana in Baltimore, which was a lot of fun because once you’re in the mindset of those videos you start to see great shots everywhere that would otherwise seem terrible. But the music video itself takes place at a Chinatown karaoke bar, with the incredible Hiro Xu singing along to the video we made with Jana.

(via Pitchfork)

Escape From L.A. is out now on Ribbon Music.