Stream Future DS2

Stream Future DS2

Future is a machine. He just announced his new album DS2 a week ago, and, as promised, it’s already out in the world (as of right now). DS2 is a sequel to his controversially lean-inspired 2011 mixtape Dirty Sprite, and it’s the Atlanta rapper’s third full-length project so far this year(!). We’ve heard “Blow A Bag,” the Drake-featuring banger “Where Ya At,” and a handful of other tracks that previously appeared on his recent mixtapes, and now you can stream the entire thing below.

Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Thought It Was A Drought” (Prod. Metro Boomin & Allen Ritter)
02 “I Serve The Base” (Prod. Metro Boomin)
03 “Where Ya At” (Feat. Drake) (Prod. Metro Boomin)
04 “Groupies” (Prod. Metro Boomin, Southside, & Sonny Digital)
05 “Lil One” (Prod. Metro Boomin & Southside)
06 “Stick Talk” (Prod. Southside)
07 “Freak Hoe” (Prod. Metro Boomin)
08 “Rotation” (Prod. Metro Boomin & Southside)
09 “Slave Master” (Prod. Metro Boomin & Southside)
10 “Blow A Bag” (Prod. Metro Boomin, Southside, & Sonny Digital)
11 “Colossal” (Prod. Zaytoven)
12 “Rich $ex” (Prod. Metro Boomin, Frank Dukes, & Southside)
13 “Blood On The Money” (Prod. Metro Boomin, Cassius Jay, & Zaytoven)
14 “Trap Niggas” (Prod. Southside)
15 “The Percocet & Stripper Joint” (Prod. Southside)
16 “Real Sisters” (Prod. Zaytoven)
17 “Kno The Meaning” (Prod. Southside)
18 “Fuck Up Some Commas” (Prod. DJ Spinz & Southside)

DS2 is out now on Epic. Buy it here.

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