Stream ON AN ON And The Wave Has Two Sides

After two members of Chicago band Scattered Trees left the group, remaining members Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing were left with a choice: Continue as Scattered Trees or evolve into something new. They chose the latter, and the result is Minneapolis-based synth pop group ON AN ON. All 12 tracks of their sophomore record, And The Wave Has Two Sides, are now streaming. Since the release of their first album, ON AN ON have been “learning how much [their] creative momentum hinges on the limitations [they’re] working within, and that [they] can choose those limitations for [themselves],” vocalist Nate Eiesland told Consequence Of Sound earlier this week. He also notes that lyrically, the band is “learning to say more with fewer words.” Hear for yourself below.

(via Exclaim)

And The Wave Has Two Sides is out 7/24 on Maple Music Recordings.

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