DP & D.R.A.M. – “50/50″

If you thought D.R.A.M. was all dance steps and video game samples, think again. Anyone who listened to the Hampton, Virginia rapper/producer/singer triple-threat’s #1EpicSummer mixtape — now repurposed as the #1Epic EP — knows that he’s just as mesmerizing over a woozy, melancholy beat as a cheerful one. (Seriously, go listen to “Goldens” right now if you haven’t). But even as his last tape remains a little slept-on beyond the long-simmering success of “Cha-Cha,” there’s big things in the future for D.R.A.M., and today he’s teamed with DP for a brand new song. “50/50″ is a menacing indictment of two-faced friends, and DP snarls alongside a sample that truly sounds like a rabid dog snapping at the end of his leash. You can hear the influence of fellow Virginian Pusha T in DP’s malevolent flow, but there’s nothing derivative about his quicksilver phrasing and visceral imagery. For his part, D.R.A.M. handles a sing-song, syrupy hook that reps the 757 before taking on a verse of his own, channeling Andre 3000 for a stream-of-consciousness meditation on fame, success, jealousy, and hometown pride. Listen below. These two are about to put their area code on map.

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