Say Hi – “The Grass Is Always Greener” (Stereogum Premere)

In 2006, when Eric Elbogen’s one-man band was still known as Say Hi To Your Mom, the Seattle musician released a wonderful little record called Impeccable Blahs. Tracks like “These Fangs” and “She Just Happens To Date The Prince Of Darkness” used droning synths and heavyhearted vocals to put a melancholy spin on charming Pacific Northwest guitar pop. And as you might have ascertained from those titles, the album was almost exclusively about vampires. Now Elbogen is dusting off that motif for his latest album as Say Hi. As evidenced on latest single “The Grass Is Always Greener,” Bleeder’s Digest maintains Elbogen’s singular sound, matching smart, concise guitar and synth figures with tight grooves and understated vocals that hit like decrepit lullabies. Hear it below along with previous single “Creatures Of The Night.”

Bleeder’s Digest is out 9/18 on Barsuk. Pre-order it here.

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