Preview Jamie xx’s Soundscapes Composition “Ultramarine”

Earlier this month, we found out that Jamie xx was commissioned to create a composition for the National Gallery’s latest Soundscapes exhibition in London, where musicians and sound artists create sound instillations based on a selected painting from the museum. Jamie chose Théo van Rysselberghe’s painting Coastal Scene and responded with “Ultramarine,” grabbing inspiration from the pointillist style of the painting. The National Gallery released a video that features footage of him working on the instillation, while record label Young Turks’ creative director Molly Hawkins and Soundscapes curator Minna Moore Ede discuss his work and thought process behind it. You can also hear “Ultramarine” playing in the background — watch below and get an early peak into the instillation.

The Soundscapes exhibition is running now until 9/6.

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