Alxndr London – “DATE X”

Alxndr London is a new name with the chops to be a recognized force. The unsigned British singer-songwriter emerged on the scene earlier this year with his two soulful electronic tracks “Cold Sun” and “Gunshot.” Now he reappears with a new funky and disco-esque tune called “Date X.” Here’s what he told The Fader about the track:

“DATE X” paints a story of pain, lust and stolen moments. It’s a groovy danceable number in a world where hope must exist as the perfect segue between now and forever.

London layers seductive R&B harmonies over grooving and thumping bass lines as spacey synths transform and burst through the background. It’s a danceable yet emotional tune whose every driving and abrupt beat will make you move. Between his mysterious appearance and experimental style, I can’t help but be reminded of fellow Brit beatmaker Jai Paul (minus the leaked tracks). But London still rides his own wave among the echoes; his vocals alone will capture your ears.