Watch Carrie Brownstein’s Impressive Recovery From An Onstage Spill At Pitchfork Fest

In his recap of Saturday’s action at Pitchfork Music Festival, Tom described a dramatic wipeout and triumphant rebound by Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein:

And Carrie Brownstein, always an absolute badass onstage, has become even more of a star in the years she spent away from the band. Tucker’s incomparable voice has always been this band’s greatest weapon, but Brownstein has the best moves: Collapsing to the floor to solo, holding her guitar aloft like a flag, doing Pete Townshend windmills arguably better than Townshend ever did them. But the stage must’ve still been a bit wet, since she went for a high kick on “Ironclad” and absolutely wiped out, falling hard on her ass. She shook it off like it was nothing, leaping back to her feet and barely missing a note. And she didn’t stop kicking. It was an absolute boss moment, one of many.

Now you can witness that fall and recovery yourself thanks to video submitted by reader Nigel Thompson. It happens about 30 seconds into the footage below.