O – “Ireek” (Stereogum Premiere)

O – “Ireek” (Stereogum Premiere)

Formerly called Black Cobra Vipers, San Francisco-area duo O changed their name to “O” because they wanted a moniker as close to nonexistence as possible. So basically, if “O” could get by without having a band name, they probably would. Members Rob Mills and Gregory DiMartino describe their sound as “psychedelic dream pop indie sock polka,” which, other than the sock part, rings pretty true in their new single “Ireek.” DiMartino, the supposedly 6’8″ frontman, shrieks and shrills through this five-minute dancey track, fit with rhythmic guitars and sweet melodies.

“Deep Throat Love” b/w “Ireek” is out now on Hit City U.S.A. Get a free download of “Ireek” and unreleased B-side “Deepthroat Love” here.

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