Watch Big Brother’s Ridiculous Grunge-Themed Competition

As someone who obsessively (and sorta regretfully) followed Big Brother for about eight years, I can say without hesitation that pretty much all of their competitions are shit. The producers don’t have the tirelessly mapped-out expertise of The Amazing Race or the luxury of exotic locales like Survivor — they’re pretty much limited to a small box of a backyard, which means the powers that be have to really stretch for ideas. So it doesn’t surprise me that this season they inexplicably put on a “Ready, Set, Grunge” competition which, like, why? But also … why not?

Take note of the corny boilerplate approximation of “grunge” music, and let’s look at how many easy puns they managed to fit into the whole thing. Here’s a contestant explaining the rules of the game: “Each time has to find four colored keys to unlock the four colored locks on their Alice In Chains. The first four teams to unlock all four locks and bring Alice up to Nirvana wins the battle of the block and is safe for the week. Once we get out of the Mudhoney, we run right over the Pearl Jam…” There’s also the Screaming Trees pit of leaves, a component involving Smashing Pumpkins… (?) Holy shit.

What are the chances that any of the contestants got the references, or did it all fly over their heads? Check the video out below.