Pavement Invited To Reunite On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Pavement Invited To Reunite On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

The last we heard about a possible Pavement reunion was when Stephen Malkmus shot the idea down earlier this year. But maybe they will be reuniting again after all, even if it’s not for a full tour like in 2010. In a new interview on the Midwest music podcast Pants OFF!, former Pavement and Silver Jews member Bob Nastanovich reveals that Pavement have been invited perform on The Late Show when Stephen Colbert takes over in September:

Pavement’s supposed to play … if we can get it all together, we’ve been invited to play on the new Colbert show in like September. So that might be cool. Hopefully it’ll come off, right now it seems kind of 50/50. I don’t even know what we’re gonna play or anything like that, but they invited us to do it a few weeks ago and we’re trying to schedule it all out. Everyone else in my band, they’ve got kids and stuff.

So absolutely nothing definite — Nastanovich basically goes out of his way to not get anyone’s hopes up here — but still, it’s a possibility, and it would be very cool! When Pavement last reunited in 2010, they played on The Colbert Report, so I guess they like Colbert. Listen to the full podcast below; the relevant bit about the reunion starts at the 1:08:00 mark.

UPDATE: A rep tells us: “Contrary to internet rumors, there are no current plans for Pavement to reunite — neither for a tour nor for a late night television performance.”

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