Team Spirit – “Takin My Time (Never Enough)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Team Spirit – “Takin My Time (Never Enough)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Ayad Al Adhamy, formerly a synth/sampler/percussion player for Passion Pit, started Black Bell Records in 2010. He returned to his dusty guitar in 2012, and Team Spirit was born. The Brooklyn-based band is a self-proclaimed power-pop group playing with ’80s high energy synths. The catchy “Takin My Time (Never Enough)” is full of intentional distortion and sustained, echoing chords. It’s the first in a series of flexi-disc singles the band is releasing this year under the name Team Spirit Singles Club. Al Adhamy explains the song’s heartbreaking genesis:

Sometimes in life you feel the need to change your pace, slow down and take it all in. It was in that spirit that “Takin My Time” was initially written. However the unfortunate passing of a friend we met on tour reminded us that time is of the essence. Always keep pushing and keep up the pace, even if it feels like it is Never Enough. – Dedicated to Calvin Pottorf

Listen below.

The “Takin My Time (Never Enough)” flexi is out 8/21 via Team Spirit Singles Club. Get a free download of the song at the singles club site. Catch Team Spirit at their double release show with Total Makeover on 8/21 at Alphaville; tickets are available here.

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