Free Future Show Moved After Attracting Too Many Fans, Cops

Police in riot gear is pretty much never something that anyone wants to see at a rap concert — or ever — but it’s especially not something that anyone wants to see at a rap concert given the recent spate of tragic police killings and the current social/political climate. But that’s exactly what Future fans were faced with today, as TMZ reports. Future is finishing up a string of four free “Salute The Fans” shows by playing a free concert at the Roxy in L.A. at midnight tonight, and, as these things go, people began lining up outside the 500-capacity venue at 9AM. When wristbands starting getting passed out at around 1PM, things got crazy, with the much-over-500 crowd spilling out onto Sunset Blvd. That’s when the police showed up, equipped with menacing-looking riot guns, to try to keep things in order. Seems like a bad scene.

UPDATE: It’s cancelled.

UPDATE 2: Now it’s at House Of Blues. Good luck getting in!

U ride for me I ride for u. #DS2LA

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