Watch Wet Perform “Deadwater” Live At Electric Lady Studios

Massachusetts synth-pop trio Wet have been working on their debut full-length for a while, and we’re finally getting it. Effectively titled Don’t You, it uses gossamer synths and desperately honest lyrics to poke and prod further into the disintegration of relationships. They began that process back in fall of 2013 by releasing a self-titled EP and announced the follow-up record this past April with the release of first single “Deadwater” and its stunning video.

The synth-pop spike that has swept over indie and mainstream pop in recent years has been surprisingly swift, but Kelly Zutrau and co. might be the first group to rise above that distinction. “Deadwater” supersedes the idea of “synth-pop,” pushing it farther toward the bounds of textured experimental music and R&B’s lush emotional palette. All of that comes through in this video of them performing the song live in Manhttan’s historic Electric Lady Studios. There’s something chilling about this song, especially the way Zutrau combs back through her faults, wishing even one of them didn’t exist so she could’ve been able to love better. It’s a microscopic bit of anguish that completely ravages your heart before building itself back into a hopeful anthem with a tiny tweak of the lyrics: “When you left you left me in pieces” transitions to “When you left, you left for a reason.” Watch below.

Don’t You is coming soon via Columbia.

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