Art Contest – “Wall Ball” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Wall Ball,” the new single from South Carolina’s Art Contest, is grounded on a complex, rhythmic, energetic guitar riff played at high speed. The song will appear on Two Songs, Art Contest’s follow-up to their debut album Math Major. Vocalist Coleman Monroe sings as fast as humanly possible throughout the first half of the “Wall Ball,” leaving the duo to show off their pulsating math-rock skills in the instrumental second half of the song. Listening feels like spiraling at alternating speeds without ever getting dizzy. See what Monroe has to say about the song below:

To us, “Wall Ball” is a testament to our attempt to keep up with our previous creative efforts while also trying to push forward the ideas surrounding the capability of a two person live band. [Garrett Burke] and I commuted through the dreadfully rolling hills of Clemson, South Carolina on bikes pretty frequently. Sometimes I’d wake up late for work and find myself coming-to in motion, my feet and pedals sharing the same rush that my brain was in to get itself fully online.

Listen below.

Two Songs is out 9/25 on Post Echo.

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