Björk Shares Her Personal Emails With Philosopher Timothy Morton

Following the disintegration of her long-term romantic relationship with Matthew Barney, Björk opened up her heart to the world through her new album Vulnicura, a MOMA museum exhibit, and several visual works and videos. These pieces filtered her agony and grief through audio and visual lenses, but now she’s shared a series of more philosophical emails between herself and philosopher Timothy Morton. You can read a selection from the cycle of correspondence over at Dazed, who also got a statement from Björk about the exchange:

last year i reached out to the philosopher timothy morton to see if he would be interested to start a dialogue with me, to search for a definition of me and my friends’ stance in this world, which i felt his writing came very close to already. of course i’m still searching but this email chat of ours got pretty close and we shared a couple of coordinates trying to define what “ism” a pop musician from iceland would be …..

The emails will also be published in a separate booklet as part of the Bjork: Archives series.

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