Miami Horror – “Cellophane (So Cruel)” Video

Miami Horror’s new video for “Cellophane (So Cruel)” makes your dream of being in two places at once a reality. A camera pans around a room with white floors and white walls, showing people doing simple tasks alongside an extended hand or foot. The camera then follows the extended hand or foot to the next person, and repeat. Basically, every person in the video has a hand or a foot in some other scene. It sounds complicated, and it is. See the still above for reference. Perhaps the inspiration for the video, directed by Lachlan Dickie, came from this line in the song: “You say you gotta take off / Have you got somewhere better to be?” The poppy Australian synth quartet are no strangers to obscure videos, as we learned back in April with their crime drama video for “Love Like Mine.” Both songs are found on the band’s sophomore release, All Possible Futures. Watch below.

All Possible Futures is out now on Haven Sounds/Dine Alone.