Avicii, Deadmau5 Respond To Noel Gallagher’s EDM Insults

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Avicii, Deadmau5 Respond To Noel Gallagher’s EDM Insults

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Noel Gallagher has never been one to take the tactful approach, and this weekend at Scotland’s T In The Park festival, he had some choice words for a few other artists on the bill. First, he went after Avicci:

I don’t know anything about Avicii. I don’t wish to know anything about Avicii. It sounds like an artist from the Renaissance period. Don’t worry, I can save [the festival] after [Avicii’s set].”

Later, he called it “disturbing” that “a dude in a hat and a pair of fake DJ decks pressing play on a CD player is what it’s all about. That’s quite a bleak future.” For those unfamiliair with Deadmau5’s uh, hat, that’s who Gallagher is dissing here. In a recent interview, Gallagher also jokingly introduced himself as “Deadmau5 without the stupid fucking hat.” Although, it’s more of a mask than a hat, right?

Anyway, both EDM artists have decided to respond to Gallgher’s trolling. Avicii posted a South Park clip to Instagram, mocking Gallgher’s rockist stance with a lengthy screed in the caption, which you can read below.

A video posted by Avicii (@avicii) on

Here’s what he wrote to accompany the clip:

Sounds like you’re playing the wrong festival if you’re at the same time dissing its entire audiences music taste you silly sausage! :O. (PS: Guess what: There are still good bands, still making great music that changes peoples lives, – what is really “sad” is hearing a old time musician like yourself confessing so bluntly and openly to not having an open mind to new music by dissing shit you haven’t even heard , I really didn’t think someone whose whole image is being witty would turn all stereotype ‘bitter ol timer rocker’ like that lol. I Wish you nothing but the best and hope you one day will broaden your music taste and keep developing urself as an artist and musicians. I would actually love to preview you my album song by song and hear your honest feedback but I dare you to say the same thing afterwards // “Dude in a hat.”

Deadmau5 responded to the “stupid hat” insult by mocking Gallagher’s accent:

Please list other sick burns these EDM DJs could’ve possibly used in the comments.

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