Infinity Girl – “Dirty Sun”

Shocker — there are no women in the band called Infinity Girl. File them next to Girls (now defunct), Women (now Viet Cong), Dead Wives, Ex-Wives — you get my drift. Infinity Girl are in fact four Brooklyn-via-Boston dudes — who probably chose their name because of this Stereolab song — who make despondent, melodic shoegaze. And like all those other bands listed above, they’re pretty great at doing so. The band’s previous two records lingered in melancholy dream-pop and reverb, but their new album, Harm, is more acerbic, noisy, and immediate, as previous track “Firehead” revealed. Their new song “Dirty Sun” is another murky, energetic squall of noise, lurching and lunging like a jagged ray of light. Listen.

Harm is out 8/28 via Topshelf Records. Pre-order it here.